About my Drumming

First, I'm a left handed drummer.  Or at least I used to be seeing I have not played in almost 25 years.  I originally started playing as a freshman in high school, but after working, marriage and two children, I finally had to give it up (due to time constraints) sometime around 1990.  Add to the fact that we re-located to Florida in 1998, retired early in life (2002), sold everything and started traveling in a motor-coach, so floor space was an issue.  Anyway, I'm back into it once again (thanks to my lovely wife's support) with a new Tama Imperial-Star (standard) kit.  After having the kit for about a month, I found I was getting comfortable again and this is something I strongly feel I want to pursue.  I've already made some changes; new Evans 2-ply G2 coated heads for the toms, Evans EMAC2 for the bass, Zildjian A Custom cymbals, Iron Cobra  600 HH stand, Iron Cobra 900PSN bass pedal and a Gibralter Rack system.  

Wish me luck!