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Nothing too professional here, I can guarantee that. When I first started playing, it became obvious that I would be looking at recording my progress. I initially tried to record something quick and dirty with the built-in microphone on my laptop, but boy did that sound horrible. So, I went out to the local music store and picked up a Zoom Q2HD.
It was not long after that I decide to upgrade to a Zoom Q4.
I found the Zoom cameras to have excellent audio features and the video was pretty good as well. After I got the Q4, I even tried using both cameras; the Q4 as the primary and the Q2HD as the secondary (like a foot cam, etc.). It worked out pretty good, but I did get lazy and pretty much ened up using just the Q4; especially in my later
videos. These cameras captured the video and audio of me playing. Getting the camera(s) placed correctly
(and remembering to always pop up the mic on the Q4) was tricky at first.

As far as putting together a finished video, I went thru a stage looking at things like Audacity and Movie Maker,
but I eventually settled on Corel's Visual Studio (I currently run V9). That allowed me to pull in the video/audio
of me playing from the Zoom camera(s) along with the audio track I was playing to. Syncing was relatively easy
and it allows a lot of creativity when it comes to publishing a final cut. Of course, I don't use a 10th of what Corel offers, but I will be exploring more and more of those features on the future.

OK, it is now December of 2016 and I feel like it's time to look into actually mic'ing my drums and get into multi-track recording. I did some research on it awhile back, but I was hearing terms like 'dynamic' and 'condenser' and 'DAW'....all those terms were very unfamiliar to me and I did not want to take the time to learn it. That soon changed; I did research, watched many, many videos of recording setups, asked lots of questions and finally
settled on a collection of components that would not totally put my retirement in jeapordy.

Here is what I went with:

Roland Octa-Capture Audio Interface
Samson DK707 Drum Mic Kit (5 dynamics, 2 condensers) (7 XLR mic cables)
Two Mic boom stands for the overhead condensers and one kick drum mic stand.
Studio One Artist DAW (I now know DAW stands for Digital Audio Workstation)

On January 7th, 2017 I published my first multi-track recording. I learned a few things rather quickly.

1) Always start with a click; it would have made syncing the video SO MUCH easier.
2) DAW software is complicated, and defies being mastered in a day.
3) It's very rewarding.

So, watch my videos and let me know what you think.

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